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In today’s increasingly digital society, a working knowledge of computers is vital. Computers in education are used for many things, not least teaching pupils how to interact in an online environment safely and productively. A good working knowledge of the use of email, the internet, search engines and word processing software are all vital for life in the internet era, and all are taught in schools. Furthermore, pupils can extend their learning with further research on the internet, allowing the brightest pupils to stretch beyond what is taught in the curriculum. All subjects have a use for computers, from image references for Art, playscripts for Drama, videos for Media Studies, scientific journals for the Sciences, and background research and information for the Humanities. Increasingly, schools are structuring curriculums around the computer, allowing pupils to gain an understanding of the use of the internet and software in a way that is safe and useful. This is vital for later life, where presentations, emails, websites and online presence are all of increasing importance.

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