Vodafone Suresignal Startup Sequence

The Sure Signal is connected to the Vodafone network when Lights 1,2 and 4 are steady and illuminated. The boot-up process works as follows: 1. Power light (1) begins flashing (DHCP request / DNS lookup to cluster8.vap.vodafone.co.uk / / 2. Power light (1) goes solid (DHCP / DNS resolution successful) 3. @ light (2) begins flashing (VPN initialisation) 4. @ light (2) goes solid (Secure VPN tunnel back to the Vodafone network is active) 5. Tick light (4) beings flashing (NTP syncronisation begins with 6. Tick light (4) goes solid (NTP sync complete latency of the connection sufficient to perform on-going time sync) 7. Mobile light (3) flashes briefly. The device is now ready to use and a solid 3G connection should be apparent on any registered Vodafone mobile devices

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