The symptoms of this fault are a flashing ‘Tick’ light (Light 4) with Power (Light 1) and ‘@’ (Light 2) are always on. Vodafone describes this as “the NTP issue” This occurs when the Sure Signal device is unable to get a time fix from an NTP server to validate it has the correct time. This is normally caused by a connection with very high latency. Possible diagnostics steps to take: Run a speed test at – you’ll need a connection that can download at at least 1Mbit. Upload should be at least 128Kbit Test the latency of your connection with – all three metrics (ping time, packet loss, and jitter all need to be as low as possible. Check for the ‘Line quality’ section – the MOS score should be as close to 5.0 as possible. If any metrics don’t match those outlined above, contact or possibly change your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

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